Pheasant, Partridge & Duck shooting - Corsica

Murtoli offers some of the best Wild Bird hunting in France

The Domaine de Ortolo

The Domaine de Ortlo offers many inviting coves and an endless white sand beach that stretches over a dozen kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, a true paradise. The exceptional hunting ground boasting two thousand hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with a widely varying landscape featuring mountains, forests and brush interspersed with prairies and swampland. Some fields are farmed and sown with grain, providing welcome feed for wild game, and the olive groves are kept invitingly free of undergrowth.

The Shooting & Hunting

For many reasons, the small sedentary game enjoys these large nutritious lands, the territory being crossed by a river, the Ortolo, offers a long plain in its heart, the farming activity is all around, the environment is consistently and tirelessly maintained. The favorite small game here is the red legged partridge but also pheasants, hares and rabbits, or mallard ducks. We offer different kinds of bird hunting:

The Flight Game - Sedentary birds are very familiar with their own biotope. Lively and clever, they play with the maquis and relief to gain speed and height. You will be part of a high-flying hunt within a small team or a larger group from 6 to 12 people.

Walked up shooting with pointer dogs – If you are keen on walking, you can go for hunting with pointing dogs. Being a wild territory, the plains, the sand dunes and the scrubland are all ideal spots offering spectacular landscapes, breathtaking views and so much promising quests.

Migrants hunting - Water means life. The river, the ground labored by farmers, cleaning consistently the scrubland, maintaining the hedges, the shrubs and the bay trees. All those ingredients make the migratory birds coming and standing by here throughout the season. The variety is visible: mallards’ ducks, teals, snipes, pigeons, woodcocks, thrushes and blackbirds, quails and larks. The perfect mix for a thrilling hunt.

The Duck Pass Shooting - The Duck shooting in La Vallée de l’Ortolo is otherworldly. You are on the alert around the river mouth, the backwash as background sound, the sea is never too far, you face up to the Corsican maquis. At first, the ducks of the river, disturbed by the beaters, will appear one by one and the first shotgun blasts will resound. Then, to cap it all, the lift of the swamp comes. The ducks flit around, gain altitude, turn again to give you a chance before reaching the sea.

Driven Wild Boar hunting with dogs – This is a proper living culture « Attenti!... Signare!...», From a prominent rock, the hunting drivers alert the participants, encourage the dogs, making the hunt even more alive and exciting. And the throats of griffins and other racing short-haired dogs start barking, louder and louder, closer and closer, sojourning focused on the route despite the dense maquis, the thousands of flavors around and the day warming up. Here each one finds its own place in the heart of the driven hunt, a true story of men sharing the same passion for the wild.

The Domaine

The Domaine offers a lot of different accommodation options. From self catering to full board Hotel type – everything is possible. All 17 restored houses and sheepfolds are authentically rustic and built entirely from stone in the island's 17th century architectural style, with thatched roofs.  All feature timbered ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces, an imaginative mix of antiques and traditional furniture, fully equipped kitchens, wine cellars with selected Corsican wines, private swimming pools and hypnotically beautiful views.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Murtoli 2.500 ha

Best for
Partridge, Duck, Migration Birds

Hunting season
September - February

Hunting Lodge or Cottage


Shooting at Ortolo

The Accommodation