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High Volume shooting on Pheasant and Duck & Geese in Serbia

Deliblato Sands in Serbia offers one of the best Bird Shooting in Serbia

Bird Hunting Paradise Serbia

Welcome to Serbia - one of the world’s best kept secrets when it comes to bird shooting. This is a bird hunter paradise with challenging Duck & Geese hunting and perfectly organized driven and walked up shooting on Pheasant. Enjoy the diversified landscapes, the traditional food and the hearty hospitality of Serbia. Our partners are very experienced with a very high reputation and offer some really great shooting opportunities at a very attractive and competitive price.

All bird shooting takes place in an area called Deliblato Sands. This is a large sand area covering around 300 km² of ground in the Vojvodina province. It is situated between the river Danube and the southwestern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. This very interesting landscape with it´s different landscapes, rivers and lakes offer the best habitat for all kind of birds. We offer 2 different kinds of bird shooting in Serbia.

Driven Pheasant shooting

The driven Pheasant shooting is amazing - the territories are wonderful and of excellent quality. The guns are staying together with loaders and many beaters are pushing the birds over the guns. The beaters push huge amounts of birds over the valleys or trees for an outstanding Wingshooting experience. You will have 4-5 drives per day. 

We have two different areas - one if for the advanced guns while the second is more for huge bags and beginners...

Wild Duck & Geese shooting

The best time for wild duck & geese shooting  late December until mid of February. The river Danube with its many channels, ponds and valleys around Deliblato Sands provide some of the largest wintering grounds for migrant birds. Around 160 000 wild ducks & geese are packed then on the thermal arms of the Danube which never freeze. This region offers the opportunity to shoot very high numbers of wild birds per day, which you can choose from 8 species of duck and 2 species of geese.

From 15. September to 15 November, we also offer a possibility for high volume Driven Duck Shooting. A group of 8 hunter can expect between 500 to 800 ducks a day.

Mixed Quail & Dove Shooting 

During this months we offer a really fascination package of quail and dove and shooting. We start early in the morning with walked up shooting on quail in the fields. After a break and lunch we go for high volume dove shooting at the sunflower fields and stubble. Before sunset we might have some high wild duck shooting at the Danube or the ponds. What a great opportunity for the enthusiastic bird hunter.

The Accommodation

The accommodation will be in different Hotels, Castles or Lodges. They all very comfortable and offer full board accommodation. 

Please ask for a tailor-made offer for your shooting party.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different areas

Best for
Pheasant, Duck, Geese,

Hunting season
September - February

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