Our Wingshooting Destinations

Welcome to our selection of some of the best and most luxury Driven Wingshooting experiences you can find in the world. Dove and Duck shooting in Argentina - Vintage Quail shooting in South Georgia - The traditional Pheasant hunting in Hungary - Luxury Pheasant & Partridge hunting in France and England - Duck hunting in France and Sweden - Old Style Red Legged Partridges shooting in Spain and Portugal  - Driven or Walked up Grouse in Sweden and Scotland - A week of Game Birds shooting with the legendary Rovos Rail in South Africa. The Options are endless! Come and join one of our shoots - We will arrange the perfect Wingshooting adventure for you.


Red Legged Partridge Shooting

Driven Pheasant, Partridge, Duck & Grouse Shooting


Dove, Pigeon & Duck Shooting

Africa & Asia

Guineafowl, Francoline, Geese, Duck & Dove Shooting