Our Wingshooting Destinations

Welcome to our selection of some of the best and most luxury Driven Wingshooting experiences you can find in the world. Join us for Dove and Duck shooting in Argentina - Vintage Quail shooting in South Georgia - Traditional Pheasant hunting in Hungary - Luxury Pheasant & Partridge hunting in France and England - Duck hunting in France and Sweden - Old Style Red Legged Partridges shooting in Spain and Portugal  - Or a week of Game Birds shooting with the legendary Rovos Rail in South Africa... 

The options are endless, but our knowledge and expertise combined with our passion in the field ensures that we can provide you with exceptional hunting & shooting experiences at some of the finest estates & lodges around the world. With packages tailored to suit your wishes, we take care of every detail of your trip!


Driven Red Legged Partridge Shooting

Driven Pheasant, Partridge & Duck Shooting


Dove, Pigeon, Duck, Partridge & Pheasant Shooting


Guineafowl, Francoline, Geese, Duck & Dove Shooting