King Eider Duck Shooting Greenland

Welcome to south Greenland where we hunt the famous King Eider

Eider Duck Hunting in Nuuk - Greenland

Welcome to one of the last big adventures for the passionate waterfowl hunter! Hunting the famous King Eider Duck in in the Nuuk area in Greenland! We offer an arctic adventure that will fulfil your every desire. 

We are hunting both Eider Ducks in the West Coast of Greenland, Nuuk , Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq with main focus on the Nuuk area. During the main hunting period from January to March we counted many thousands of Eider Ducks in these areas. The groups of birds varied from 50 to 100 birds in one flock and some of the bigger flocks where from 500 to 1.000 birds in one flock. There are also good numbers of Longtail Ducks and Marine Birds such as Guillemots and Puffins. 

The Hunt:

There are several methods for a successful hunt. A group of 4 hunters stay together on the coast or islands hiding in the cliffs with decoys in front of them at around 10 to 20 meters. When everybody is set up, the main boat will be slowly moving around pushing up the birds in the bays and move them towards the decoys. The time we are spending in each place depends on the success, if plenty of birds are around in that bay we stay longer. When things slow down then change the place. We always rotate the hunters to give everyone the chance to warm up in the boat. We have three boats (2-25ft Targa’s and 1-37ft) with fully enclosed, heated cabs.

A typical hunting day starts after a hearty breakfast at 9.00. We drive to the marina, to leave a few minutes later by boat. The aim is to stay on the sea hunting the entire day to be to be back in the marina at 17:00 hour. Then our driver will take you direct from the Marina to the guesthouse. We will have packed lunch to enjoy on board, sandwiches, chocolate bars and chips, water still and sparkling, tea and coffee. 

Bird Limits: 

The limit on Eiders in Greenland is 10 per day; it doesn’t matter if it is Kings or Commons. Please understand that will not be the goal each time we go afield! This resource is too precious and fragile to take that many birds, and we will not do it. If that is your goal or you disagree with us on this self-induced restriction, please book somewhere else…


Your group will stay exclusive in a private guesthouse. The arrangement includes breakfast and packed lunch. As you stay in the capital of Greenland, you can enjoy all amenities such as cell connection and internet while in town. The food is of excellent quality and in town you will find many renowned restaurants and bars for the evening.

Each trip will be 5 nights in Greenland and 4 full hunting days. You can add on extra days if wanted. In March we are also offering a combo trip of King Eiders / Common Eiders together with extra 4 days for Kangerlussuaq Winter Musk Ox. More Info about the Musk Ox hunting you can find HERE

You can also add on your trip some great Saltwater fishing and Arctic Hares & Ptarmigans shooting. 

Please contact us for an individual offer. 


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different Areas Nuuk - Greenland

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King Eider Duck & Seabirds

Hunting season
January - March

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King Eider Hunting

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