World Class Geese Shooting - Sweden

In the South of Sweden we are offering some of the best and most exclusive high volume Goose hunting in Europe

Goose Hunting South Sweden

Sweden is often referred as the best country for no limit and high-volume Goose hunting in the world. We are hunting in the province of Skåne, in the south of Sweden, just a short forty-minute drive away from Copenhagen airport. In this area we have access to more than 5.000 ha of shooting grounds and unlimited bag days of thrilling Goose hunting are available. This rich agricultural region provides high-calorie food sources such as disced sugar beets and corn, carrots, winter wheat and canola – perfect conditions for the migration Geese. Morning shoots of over 200 birds aren’t uncommon and always happens throughout every season. 

While there are no guarantees in wild goose hunting, during their migratory period, numbers vary from day to day and from shoot to shoot. You can expect a good day with between 30 to 60 birds during a morning’s shoot.

Greylag and Barnacle Geese arrive in late-August. Giant Canada Geese appear in late-October and their numbers build significantly through December as snow accumulates further north. By mid-October migratory Ducks arrive and make it a perfect combination for a stunning day of wild bird shooting.  

The Shooting

Most of the hunts are field hunts and take place over harvested fields, grass fields, and fields where winter crops get planted. We are scouting them daily to find the most active feeds. We are hunting Geese over large sets of decoys from low-profile lay blinds or hides in hedges. The Geese sleep on the ocean overnight and come into the fields to feed first thing in the morning, this is why an early start is important. We are starting around an hour and fifteen minutes before sunrise. When you arrive at the shooting fields the guides have already arranged the decoys and blinds will supply you with cartridges for the day. During the shooting they hide a few hundred metres away from the action, ready to help immediately when necessary and picking up shot Geese to keep the fields clean for the next flock. The shooting ends around 11.00 AM. After collecting all birds and the parade you are driving back to the hotel for a big lunch. 

In the afternoon we are off to shoot Ducks. We do some driven Ducks in the afternoon and shooting them later at the evening flight. 

The Accommodation 

During your hunt you are staying into the Borgeby Gårdshotell. A charming B&B just 20 minutes away from the shooting action. It offers comfortable and warm rooms with bad en-suit and a huge loving room to relax after a long day of shooting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are catered, and each room is stocked with refreshments. There are different options to upgrade the accommodation to luxury castles and lodges if wanted. 

Every hunt is tailormade, please contact us for an individual offer.


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different Areas Skane 5.000 ha

Best for
Geese and Duck

Hunting season
August - January 

Hunting Lodge


Geese shooting Sweden