Driven Red Legged Partridge shooting in Spain

El Despeñadero - One of the most traditional places for Red Legged Partridge Shooting in Spain

The Shooting Estate El Despenadero

Welcome to this fantastic Driven Partridge Shooting near Toledo in the plains of La Mancha in central Spain. You are shooting on a 2000 ha Estate with fields, bushes, hedges, small forests and hills and a great accommodation. This area offers the perfect habitat for the Perdiz Rojo – the Red Legged Partridge.

The Shoot

El Despenadero owned by the Vallano family, is located one hour south of Madrid in the region of La Mancha, Toledo. With more than 40 years of a wide family history, dedicated to the driven Spanish Red-Legged Partridge shooting, El Despeñadero is placed in the hearts and minds of all experienced hunters, both nationally and internationally.

Darío Vallano and his team will be on hand to assist you throughout the duration of your stay. El Despeñadero offers all kind of different drives with a wide selection of shooting. The clients, come to "El Despeñadero" in search of having memorable shooting days, and thanks to a high sporting game, beautiful scenery, excellent lunches, a superb wine list, luxurious accommodation, good organization and a friendly family run atmosphere, they get exactly what they are looking for.

Our commitment to you is quality partridges and the key to this lies within energy, passion and speed. To fulfill our promise, our team carefully controls the feeding and health of our partridges 365 days per year. Variety, rhythm and character are words that best describe our shoots. Designed and perfected with over 30 years of collective experience and the valuable feedback from some of the most experienced shooters in the world.

With more than 2.000 wild hectares the topography of El Despenadero with olive groves, forest and sowing’s lands as well as deep ravines from which we drive extremely high shoots produces a big variety of drives what presents a great challenge ensuring a top partridge shooting quality. Our partridge presents an impressive fast, courageous and high flight providing some of the most challenging partridges in Spain.

The Lodge

Since last season we are offering a brand new renovated private Lodge just 30 minutes away from our shooting grounds. The Lodge offer our clients the finest services and the privacy and the exclusiveness they are just looking for an unforgettable trip.

Each room has been decorated with a high attention to detail with some styles including classic, rustic and elegant. All rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum comfort. The lounges allow guests to choose the most appropriate space depending on their mood. The main lounges have a large, south facing terrace, perfect for enjoying the stunning sunsets. To enjoy the exquisite Spanish cuisine, the lodge offers different dining rooms with a big fireplace and a large window making an unbeatable setting for those seeking unique experiences.

All hunts are tailor made regarding your needs and expectations – so please ask us for an individual proposal.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
El Despenadero 2000 ha

Best for
Red Legged Partridge

Hunting season
October - February

Family Hunting Lodge


Partridge Shooting

What our guests say

"The team at El Despeñadero did an excellent job of making our day memorable and enjoyable. We will be returning because it's obvious that Dario and his father, the whole team, the drives and the terrain are more then capable of presenting some excellent birds."