Driven Grey Partridge & Pheasant shooting France

The Sandricourt Estate offers exceptional shooting & hunting opportunities on Grey Partridge and Pheasant in France.

A truly unique Shooting Estate in France

Experience the ultimate leap in time when you embark on a hunting adventure in Sandricourt. The Estate has proudly preserved a traditional "English Style" management of the shoot, making it a remarkable experience. 

Nestled just 35 miles North of Paris and 30 minutes away from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Sandricourt Estate invites you to explore this beautiful countryside. Covering an area of 5,000 acres, this estate offers stunning landscapes of limestone hills and forests. With a diverse terrain comprising arable land and woodland, you will discover valleys ranging from 20 to 40 metres in depth, perfectly suited for challenging bird shooting. 

But Sandricourt offers more than just exceptional hunting opportunities. Immerse yourself in the quietness of Sandricourt château, a place that offers the warmth, privacy, and discretion of a family home with the professional service of a luxury hotel. 

The Chateau has 12 double bedrooms with ensuite bathroom. Each room is decorated in a classic, rustic and elegant style, and fully equipped in order to guarantee the maximum comfort. The two available lounges allow guests to choose the most appropriate space depending on their preference. The main lounge has a fireplace and a large terrace. The side lounge is ideal for small groups looking for privacy and discretion. The two dining halls are ideal for having breakfast and enjoy the exquisite dinners of our Chef. 

Enjoy French dishes made from the finest ingredients, sourced from market producers. Also discover the wines of our three vineyards in California, Australia and the South of France.

The Driven Pheasant Shooting

Sandricourt has preserved a traditional “English Style” management of the shoot with all birds released at the beginning of summer. This traditional pheasant management provides strong and high-flying birds, coupled with deep valleys that show challenging birds from 30 to 50m high. Our gamekeepers work full time throughout the year to provide the highest quality drives. They manage 9 pheasant pens that offer 10 different spectacular drives. Habitat management, whistle feeding, heavy dogging in and pest control is their daily work and allow to maintain a very good density of birds throughout the hunting season. 

The Driven Grey Patridge Shooting

Until 1975, Sandricourt’ s wild grey partridges drives had been famous. Books recorded bags from 500 to 1000 birds per day and up to 5 500 birds per year. Since then, the population of grey partridges has collapsed with the changes of farming practices, development of insecticides and the decrease of habitats quality. But in 2017 the owner of Sandricourt decided to recreate a grey partridges shoot from scratch. For 5 years, we have been working on a 600 ha area dedicated to a grey partridge reintroduction program. To do this, we created strips of game crops in the farming fields, planted hedges, modified farming practices, installed feeders, drinkers, and controlled pests. After all those efforts, it is now possible to shoot again those rare and beautiful birds. To maintain a high level of quality, we limit the number of 6 days during the season.

We shoot with maximum 10 guns, hidden behind a line of screens. There are always also some pheasants in the bag which have escaped from the main pheasant area, making the day quite exciting.

The Driven Wild Boar & Roe Deer Shooting

On open field (not fenced), it is not easy to provide a good boar bag for a small group of guns. At Sandricourt we offer a high quality driven wild boar and roe deer hunt an open field. This is for a max of 12 guns with a bag from 15 to 30 wild boar and about 8 to 12 roe deer depending on the ability of guns. On some drives we can also shoot sika deer (female and yearlings). 

To be able to provide that quality we have dedicated 5 woods (from 60 to 180 ha each) for big game driven days. We have managed the habitat to hold the boars and more important we keep those woods quiet all year round and conduct a maximum of two drives per wood per year.

The 12 guns are placed in 2m high miradors with all safety angles marked with red arrows to guarantee a maximal safety. We use a group of 20 beaters with dogs.

Please contact me for an individual package.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Chateau Sandricourt 5000 acres

Best for
Pheasant, Grey Partridge, Big Game

Hunting season
September - February

Chateau in the hunting area


Shooting at Sandricourt

Photos by Léopold Amory