Driven Pheasant & Duck shooting Sweden

Luxury Bird shooting in the traditional Hunting Castle Stora Sundby near Stockholm

The Hunting Castle Stora Sundby

Fieldsports has been a part of life at Stora Sundby since time immemorial, making it an integral aspect of the estate’s heritage and its business. The choice of game and forms of shooting and hunting are extensive. Pheasant and Duck shoots are particular favorites, but we also offer excellent opportunities to hunt Moose, Wild Boar and Deer. The shoots and hunts are suitable for parties of 6-16 guns. On occasion, events are organized where individual places are offered or smaller parties are paired up.

Arrival at Stora Sundby (app. 1,5h from Stockholm) is usually set to the day before, in time for dinner followed by a night at the castle. The shoot starts the next morning, usually with 5-6 drives over the day. Refreshments are provided in the field with a break for lunch in the castles old kitchen or, weather permitting, in the orangery. The shoot ends with a game parade in front of the castle.

The Shoot

Here at Stora Sundby we are proud to offer one of the best duck shooting experiences in Sweden. As a guest, you will be able to experience shooting in the stunning landscape in and around the castle estate, by ponds in the forest, on fields and meadows and in the inlets of Lake Hjälmaren. If the conditions are right, we can offer a magnificent drive in the bay, with shooting from pontoons against the atmospheric backdrop of the castle.

Pheasant shooting takes place in the beautifully open farming landscape surrounding Stora Sundby Castle. The driven shoot roams over fields and hills, with the guns walking between the drives. The Bird shooting season at Stora Sundby runs between October and January.

The Castle

As a visitor at Stora Sundby, you are accommodated in one of the castle’s magnificent guest rooms with original interiors from the 19th century. We are also able to offer self-catering accommodation in the Steward’s House close to the castle, with space for 8-12 guests, or in Sand, the house on the shore of Lake Hjälmaren, which can accommodate 6-8 people.

The food at Stora Sundby is prepared with great care using ingredients of the highest quality that are locally sourced, with game from the estate and pike-perch and crayfish from the waters of Hjälmaren. Lunch is enjoyed by the warming fire in the rustic smithy or in the castle’s old kitchen. Dinner is served in the castle’s stately dining room or in the magnificent Hall of Knights. After dinner, guests can look forward to a relaxing evening in the Red or Green Drawing Room.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Stora Sundby 5.000 ha

Best for
Pheasant, Duck

Hunting season
September - February

Luxury accommodation in the castle


Shooting - Stora Sundby