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Luxury lodging & the best high volume Pigeon shooting in Argentina

Pigeon shooting in Argentina

Argentina has an amazing potential as a Wingshooting paradise. Cordoba, the so-called Dove shooting capital of the World, with its rich cornfields offers an annual amount of over 30 million Doves and Pigeon. Here you will get the best Argentine hunts accompanied with first-class accommodations and service that is second to none. If your dream is to go on a hunt that is unlike any other, we have a lot in store for you. In Cordoba we are offering the most exclusive Lodge for unique Pigeon shooting – The Pigeon Lodge Montaraz.

The Shooting

The 50 square mile radius (80 km) around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 5 million Pigeons. The lodge enjoys around 20 shooting fields all within a scenic drive through the region. Pigeons are large and fast, which makes calculating speed a little bit deceptive. They work excellently with decoys and we ensure one freshly built blind per hunter. Decoys are strategically deployed around the blinds and at a suitable distance. Staying hidden and still in a good blind is the key to success.

In the field you will be assigned a bird-boy who will provide you with shot shells and refreshments, direct you to your shooting blind and help you load your gun. They have radio communication and can solve problems rapidly. You will be constantly visited by your main guide who will be available to assist you with any need, even give you some tips on shooting if required.

The Lodge

Montaraz Lodge is the most exclusive Pigeon Lodge in Cordoba. The historical setting is an architectural treasure, characterized by its exquisite colonial style. The premises were built in the second half of the 17th century – now completely renovated. Montaraz provides luxury and comfort so that you can enjoy the best shooting experience ever.

The Lodge is located 75 miles (122kms) North of Cordoba International Airport. Driving time from the airport to the lodge is 2 hours, and you will be spoiled with our delicious dove empanadas during the journey. Located between the “Sierras Chicas” and the “Sierras Grandes”, this elegantly restored 17th century Estancia is decorated with the ease of friendly colonial style and it is surrounded by wide verandas overlooking lovely gardens and orchards, even a lake. It offers 9 en-suite bedrooms to accommodate a maximum of 17 guests, a comfortable living room and a spacious, fully stocked wine cellar and complimentary bar. It has a large dining room designed for great relaxation and dining. The chef will delight you with their exquisite traditional and international dishes, accompanied with our wines  produced with carefully selected grapes from our own vineyards.

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February - June

Montaraz Lodge


Montaraz Lodge

Pigeon Shooting Montaraz

What our guests say

"I had the opportunity to spend 3 full days at Montaraz in May 2014. Without a doubt, the absolute "Best Pidgeon hunting" in the world, coupled with 5 star meals and personal attention."