Driven Pheasant shooting in France

Chateau de Janvry - One of the best best places for high-flying Pheasants in France

The Chateau de Janvry

Interested in meeting a few friends in a warm and welcoming ambiance? Or more simply willing to look after shooting a few Pheasants with your dog? Shooting at the Chateau de Janvry is foremost discovering a traditional hunt managed by more than three generations of hunters on a territory of more than 700 hectares (1800 acres) just 20 minutes away from Paris the capital of France. The topography includes open fields, forest and agricultural land. Discover all of our offerings: driven hunts or walking hunts for Pheasant and upland bird guests.

The Shoot

We offer pure driven high-flying Pheasants or mixed driven – walking shooting. In the mixes driven-walking hunting you hunt for high-flying Birds, mostly Pheasants along with some Ducks during 5 drives with bags of 250 to 600 birds. You will participate in multiple drives where one half of the group walks and shoots while the other half is placed for driven hunt action.

Our game keeper, his team and their dogs assist you and guide all the drives. A snack is served in the forest between two drives. The day ends at nightfall with appetizers served at the Chateau.


You can either stay in Paris or we can arrange luxury accommodation near Chateau Janvry.


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Janvry 700 ha

Best for
Pheasant, Duck

Hunting season
September - Februar

Hotel or Cottage near by

What our guests say

"The team at Janvry did an excellent job of making our day memorable and enjoyable. We will be returning because it's obvious that the keeper, his team, the drives and the terrain are more then capable of presenting some excellent birds."